K2141 transistor datasheets

Transistor datasheets

K2141 transistor datasheets

( 75) AMI SEMICONDUCTOR ( 8) AMIC Technology ( 8) ams AG ( 38) Anachip Corp ( 24) ANADIGICS, Inc ( 152) Analog Devices ( 490) Analog Intergrations Corporation ( 20) Analog Microelectronics ( 6) Anaren. K2141 transistor datasheets. datasheet k2141 электронного компонента производителя k2141 nec. k2141 case temperature d t -, resistance transistor vs. K2141 Datasheet PDF. ( 80) American Zettler, Inc. 2SK2141 / datasheets K2141 Equivalent to 2SK1404 ± 6A, 35W, 2SK 600V N- CHANNEL MOS FET.

The diode connected between the gate transistor and source of the k2141 transistor serves as a k2141 protector against ESD. 5 datasheets unit test conditions vgs = = = = = =, bias safe operating area 2s k 2141 total power dissipation vs. channel temperature 2s k 2141 source. When this device is actually used, an additional protection circuit is externally required if a voltage exceeding the rated voltage may be applied to this device. 2SK2645- 01MR N- channel MOS- datasheets FET FAP- IIS datasheets Series 600V 1, 2Ω 9A 50W > Features > transistor Outline datasheets Drawing- High Speed Switching- Low On- Resistance- No Secondary Breakdown- Low Driving Power- High Voltage- V GS = ± 30V Guarantee- Repetitive Avalanche Rated > Applications- Switching Regulators- UPS- DC- DC converters- General Purpose Power Amplifier. mos field effect transistor. 1) Altech corporation ( 40) Altera Corporation ( 3) America Semiconductor LLC ( 21) American Accurate Components Inc.

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NEC devices are classified into the following three quality grades:. The recommended applications of a device depend on its quality grade, as indicated below. While K2141 datasheet Corporation has been making continuous effort to enhance the reliability of k2141 datasheet semiconductor devices. K datasheet Corporation assumes no responsibility k datasheet any errors which datssheet datasheet appear in this. While NEC Corporation has been making k datasheet effort to enhance the reliability of its semiconductor devices. Catalog Datasheet MFG & Type PDF Document Tags; 2SK2141.

k2141 transistor datasheets

Abstract: D1138 PCg Text: MOS MOS Field Effect Transistor 2SK2141 N MOS FET 2SK2141N MOS FET RDSon, 2SK2141 TA = 25 VDSS VGS = 0 600 V VGSS VDS =, S 0. 1 2SK2141 Test Circuit 1Avalanche Capability D. Type Designator: IRFZ46N Type of Transistor: MOSFET Type of Control Channel: N - Channel Maximum Power Dissipation ( Pd) : 88 W Maximum Drain- Source Voltage | Vds| : 55 V Maximum Gate- Source Voltage | Vgs| : 10 V Maximum Drain Current | Id| : 46 A Maximum Junction Temperature.