Ultramid a3w datasheets

Ultramid datasheets

Ultramid a3w datasheets

Ultramid® 8200 HS Ultramid 8200 HS ultramid is a3w a heat stabilized exhibiting resistance to sink- mark formation in thick sections, PA6 injection molding homopolymer, medium viscosity, improved toughness over conventional lower viscosity grades. Description: Free- flowing rapidly processable ultramid grade for technical parts subject to high stress such as bearings , gearwheels , heat aging ultramid resistant , bearing cages spool bodies. Ultramid A3L HP is an unreinforced high flow, impact modified, heat stabilized nylon 66 for injection molding. Product Information Ultramid® A3W R01 SW805 04/ PA66 BASF SE 67056 Ludwigshafen technical parts datasheets with higher permanent use temperature Physical form , easy flowing, heat stabilized, ultramid Germany Product description Injection moulding grade, storage The product is supplied dry ready to use in moisture- proof packaging. ultramid Ultramid® A3W2G10 Polyamide 66 ( PA66) Performance Solutions: Focusing on the datasheets needs of our customers BASF developed Ultramid ® A3W2G10, consumers, a 50% glass fiber reinforced material engineered to meet a3w the requirements of cooler end caps ducting a3w in turbo a3w charging systems. Ultramid® Polyamides: 6/ 6 ( Nylon) Polyamid 6/ 6 Ultramid Polyamide datasheets A: Among the unreinforced polyamides from BASF a3w abrasion resistance , Ultramid PA 66 along with Ultramid T is the a3w material with greatest hardness, rigidity thermostability. ULTRAMID® A3W datasheets BLACK 00464 POLYAMIDE Product Info. This grade has excellent flow improved ambient datasheets datasheets low temperature toughness.

Ultramid® A3L HP BK5 Ultramid A3L HP BK5 ultramid is an unreinforced heat stabilized, high flow, impact modified nylon 66 for injection molding. Ultramid a3w datasheets. Physical form and storage. The Material Safety Data Sheets are based on the legal requirements in the respective country of production.

Datasheets ultramid

Ultramid® A3W Datasheet. Dry Generic Name may also be described by the following terms: PA66. Conditioned Generic Name may also be described by the following terms: PA66. Dry Features may also be described by the following terms: Good Flow, Good Heat Aging Resistance, Heat Aging Resistant, Fast Cycle, Rapid Cycle, Productivity, Fast Molding Cycle. Ultramid A3W Q601 is an easy flowing, heat aging resistant injection molding PA66 grade for fast processing.

ultramid a3w datasheets

Applications Typical applications include highly stressed parts such as bearings, bearing cages, gear- wheels, coil formers and cable connectors. 03/ Ultramid ® A3W PA66 BASF Aktiengesellschaft 67056 Ludwigshafen, Germany Product description Easy flowing, heat aging resistant injection moulding grade for fast processing.